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 mary                                 mccarthy

         creator, writer, executive producer

"Cooking shows live in a world that doesn’t exist. Everything comes out perfectly and no spill brings a consequence. I call shenanigans. Anyone who has ever stepped in a kitchen knows it is a chaotic, messy, heat dome. Take that world, with a plucky perfectionist, a snarky assistant, and horrible guests, and you have

The Goodpie Girl.” 

the TEAM

Our cast and crew are the true heart and soul of this production (don't tell The Goodpie Girl, she needs to believe she is the most important).

Good News!

-The Goodpie Girl recently visited the ITV Festival in Manchester, Vermont for a Network Notes meeting!

-We are currently in pre-production for Season 2!


"Anyone who likes cake is fired!"

Episode 10

"He makes a really good pie. It still smells like him..."

Episode 9

"I've got friends all over town on the outside. Charlie the Chowda. Big Sam. Bigger Pete. Jake the Woman. We're watching you Goodpie Girl. We're watching."

Episode 7

"Care is the new apathy. Conversation is the new apocalyptic bunker!"

Episode 2

"It doesn't really make sense to have a web series as your sole source of profit."

Episode 3

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