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Find your polling station and learn about conspiracy theories!



In the meantime, catch up on

Season One below!

Episode 1
My High School Frenemy!

The producer books a famed lifestyle blogger to talk about the hottest wellness trends.


She is however, the high school frenemy of The Goodpie Girl. Can the two ever stop bickering about organic agave and hickeys? No. 

Season 1


Episode 2
A Millenial!

A millennial stops by to make sure we are #trending. Is that the right use? Also what are hashtags?


This trendsetter was booked to boost our ratings, but only deflates The Goodpie Girl’s spirits. 

Episode 4
My Aunt From A Swing State!

The Goodpie Girl’s aunt stops by to see if her niece is eating enough.


It seems her aunt has a flair for the dramatic when she gets a line, and some little rascals should stay out of the kitchen.

Episode 5
My Lawyer!

The Goodpie Girl’s lawyer insisted on being on the show, if only to prevent her from drinking on the job again.


Where does she get her suspiciously cheap flour supply? Find out on this episode. 



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Episode 3
My Financial Advisor!

Some folks DO get noticed by their web series. At least that is what The Goodpie Girl keeps telling her financial advisor.


Learn some great tips on how to save money when grocery shopping just kidding we never get there.

Episode 6
My Ex-Boyfriend!

This is just the worst. 


The Goodpie Girl’s ex-boyfriend crashes the party when the producer doesn’t have another guest lined up. And the GPG is NOT happy about it.



Episode 7
A Convict!

When the producer owes a few favors, he books a convict to help out a friend.


Will The Goodpie Girl turn to a life of crime? Or can her skinny wrists hold out for yet another episode? 

Episode 8
A Pizza Delivery Guy!

What should have been a seemingly quiet day on set goes horribly wrong when a charismatic pizza delivery guy shows up—and gets his own network deal.

Episode 9
A Food Scientist!

In The Goodpie Girl’s favorite episode of all time, a food scientist talks about all things handsome we mean wheat germ no we definitely mean handsome.


Just watch…it’s just…oh my.

Episode 10
A Fellow Baker!

In the season finale, this special guest star takes the cake.


The Goodpie Girl gets what is coming to her, and Rob finally speaks up. 


It’s a true battle of desserts.